Justin Cron

Stop Kidding Yourself! You’re Replaceable…

In today’s world, information and technology is moving and advancing at the speed of light. You almost have to expect to be replaced in the corporate workplace. I know that as a programmer, companies just last year (2014) were all seeking out full-stack developers. A full-stack developer is someone who can program in any language. Just one year later, there is already a shift away from the full-stack developer. Things are advancing too quickly to keep up with every piece of technology, social network, blogs, trends and fads. Because of this, even the once sought after full-stack developer is being replaced for someone who is well versed in very specific languages.

The only real way now to ensure that you will always have a good paying job, is to enter the very competitive world of entrepreneurship. Quit your job, fire your boss, walk away from whatever it is that has you bound to the ball and chain. Start seeking out ways to generate residual income from, blogging, vlogging, selling information products… do whatever you can to blow up the “ball and chain”. There are too many ways for you to make money online, while being able to travel the world, live life and enjoy different cultures and cuisines. It’s not too late to make this happen in your life.

You can achieve this type of lifestyle when you put yourself in the uncomfortable situations where you find yourself in a fight or flight mode. This is when you really find out who you are, what makes you tick and if you really have what it takes to quit the 9-5. I have been able to travel, live where I want and still pay the bills. At some point in your life, you have to take control of circumstances, take risks and NEVER stop learning!

There are PLENTY of resources to help you become motivated and really start enjoying life. Do it. Now. Stop dreading tomorrow and start enjoying it. I hope this encourages you to do something crazy with your life! Take the leap and get off your butt. You’re the only person who can change your circumstances…