Pinterest Image Sizes | The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest Image Sizes | The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Image Optimization

Justin Cron

Quick Note

All Pinterest image height sizes will be auto determined based on the height that you’ve specified when creating the image. Pinterest image widths are determined and set in stone by Pinterest, not you.

This page will be maintained & updated whenever Pinterest makes changes to their image sizes. If you notice something isn’t correct, please feel free to reach out to me.

I’m sure at some point everyone (including myself) who uses Pinterest has asked the question “What size should I make this image?”. While making an infographic for Pinterest today I ran into this exact question, got tired of looking in Google at outdated results and decided to dig into the Pinterest code to see what the sizes are exactly.

The image sizes listed below are straight from the Pinterest Code Inspector…

Pinterst Profile Image Size

Your profile image should be exactly 176 pixels wide, by 176 pixels high. This will give you the perfect profile image size across the Pinterest framework.

176px by 176px

Standard Pinterest Pin

This is the image size that you will see when you’re browsing around on Pinterest or looking at pins that you’ve pinned to your profile page.

236px by Auto Height

Pinterest Pins Expanded or Closeups

This is in reference to when you click on a pin to make it larger. The image size for this is 564px, by however tall you’ve made it.

564px by Auto Height

Pinterest Board Cover Image Size

I’ve found that the optimal image size for this is 564px by 825px. You’ll have to figure out How and where to place the text to make it display correctly on the board, or you can download my custom Pinterest Board Cover Themes to get started right away.

564px by 825px

Pinterst “Tried This” Image Size

The “Tried This” image size changes according to whatever device it’s being viewed on, but it will never be any larger than 666.667px. I would just round up to 667px.

667px by Auto Height

Pinterst Sharable

Pinterest Image Sizes Optimized Sharable

If I missed a size that you’d like to know about, let me know and I can look into it for you.

Please let me know below if you found this article to be helpful and don’t forget to share with your friends!