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5 reasons your business should have a blog

If your company isn’t blogging, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to really grow your business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, you absolutely need a blog. Here are 5 reasons you should get a blog up and running, right away.

While it’s great to have a static website or store-front for your company, only having a static site makes it difficult for you to stand out among all the other companies offering what you offer. Having a blog connected to your website will help you reach more people, make your site more personable and create an opportunity to convince potential customers, that you know more than the others.

This is HUGE. By having a blog, you can begin to help customers know you on a more personal level. They aren’t just coming to a website, browsing, maybe buying a product and then leaving. They can come back time and time again to read more about your products, get involved (commenting), read reviews and case studies. By given them (your customer) a get involved and know you, your thoughts, hear your voice or watch a video; you’re going to have a much higher chance of converting that reader into an actual paying customer who will not only buy your stuff, but tell their friends about you also.

I touched a little on this on point two. I will say that if you’re going to have a blog, you’ll want to have some way of capturing your users information. If you don’t already have a way for your users to subscribe to your site, you’ll want to get this in place RIGHT AWAY! This is probably the most valuable part of your website or blog. By capturing names, emails and other information, you’ll be able to keep your users coming back through emails, updates and promos. The whole point of having a company is not to only appeal to new customers, but generate a loyal following of reoccurring customers (customers that will buy over and over again). Take apple for example. Apple has extremely loyal customers. It doesn’t matter what Apple produces, they are most likely going to get the same repeat customers coming back and buying over and over again. They release a new iPhone, laptop, desktop, watch every year now and it doesn’t matter if you’ve already got the previous model, you have to keep up with the latest and greatest products.

It isn’t very likely that people will copy the link to one of your static pages/product to share on their social networks, website or blogs. People are constantly looking for strong, concise articles that contain great information to share with their own personal friends or followers. If you offer great insight on a certain product or area of expertise, chances are people will share your articles, which in return will create more links back to your site. The reason that you want to have lot’s of links pointing back to your site, is so that you can rank higher in the search engines. By having a good amount of links point at your site, Google, Yahoo, Bing will value what you have to say/share and push your site and articles closer to the front page.

By giving your website or blog a voice, you’re going to be more likely to get more people to join your social networks, which in return will make it easier for you push stronger campaigns. You will have a much further reach when you share articles, marketing campaigns, not to mention your users will begin to tell you exactly what they are looking for on your site, saving you time and money trying to figure these things out for yourself.

   Justin Cron

Stop Kidding Yourself! You’re Replaceable…

In today’s world, information and technology is moving and advancing at the speed of light. You almost have to expect to be replaced in the corporate workplace. I know that as a programmer, companies just last year (2014) were all seeking out full-stack developers. A full-stack developer is someone who can program in any language. Just one year later, there is already a shift away from the full-stack developer. Things are advancing too quickly to keep up with every piece of technology, social network, blogs, trends and fads. Because of this, even the once sought after full-stack developer is being replaced for someone who is well versed in very specific languages.

The only real way now to ensure that you will always have a good paying job, is to enter the very competitive world of entrepreneurship. Quit your job, fire your boss, walk away from whatever it is that has you bound to the ball and chain. Start seeking out ways to generate residual income from, blogging, vlogging, selling information products… do whatever you can to blow up the “ball and chain”. There are too many ways for you to make money online, while being able to travel the world, live life and enjoy different cultures and cuisines. It’s not too late to make this happen in your life.

You can achieve this type of lifestyle when you put yourself in the uncomfortable situations where you find yourself in a fight or flight mode. This is when you really find out who you are, what makes you tick and if you really have what it takes to quit the 9-5. I have been able to travel, live where I want and still pay the bills. At some point in your life, you have to take control of circumstances, take risks and NEVER stop learning!

There are PLENTY of resources to help you become motivated and really start enjoying life. Do it. Now. Stop dreading tomorrow and start enjoying it. I hope this encourages you to do something crazy with your life! Take the leap and get off your butt. You’re the only person who can change your circumstances…